Chop Suey

Chop suey (Chinese: ; pinyin: suì; literally "assorted pieces")

Much like the popular dish Chop Suey this blog will be a mix of assorted thoughts, stories, pictures and the like from our adventures in China.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Trying to finally pack up has been quite the reality check.  Two forty liter backpacks does not appear to be enough space to put a life into and yet that is how much space we have, plus our allotted carry-on items. Granted we will be able to add to our limited wardrobe and possessions when we finally set up in Guiyang, but this process is stressful.    

We are also laying out clothes for the Packer Bears game tomorrow which we will be attending.  The forecast is for temperatures around 18 degrees.  I am super excited about the game and introducing Emily to the greatest fan experience in the NFL.  Hopefully it will be enough to convert her to a full fledged Packer fan, curing her of her Cowboy craziness.

Tonight we will be celebrating the American New Year with Mike and his family in the Burg.  We are both really excited that we get to celebrate two New Years this year with the Chinese new year beginning in February. 

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  1. Hey hey love the Blog Name!!! Safe travels to you both these next couple of days! Can't wait to hear your stories