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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wanderings in Guizhou Province

For the past few weeks, we have had some exceptionally cool adventures. Guiyang is the capital of the Guizhou province and the province is known for it's beautiful countryside. These past couple of weeks we have visited some pretty cool places.

During the Tomb Sweeping Festival we went to Xinyan with some of the Chinese and foreign teachers to Xinyan - a traditional village about an hour from Guiyang. One of the Chinese teacher's boyfriend opened a hostel and we went for the opening party. During the day we walked around the city and in the evening we had a fantastic bbq on the rooftop of the hostel. Some very cool highlights of the evening:

-Carl and I taught the game Mafia to about 10 Chinese friends...a pretty impressive feat.


-Beautiful city - lots of new food and cool buildings

On the actual Tomb Sweeping Holiday we travelled with the school to Nanjing Big Valley. The valley was really beautiful - very green and lush. We walked about 3 hours through the valley then took a very sketchy gondola to get out of the valley....(you had to take a running start to get in). After that we ate traditional Guizhou food: river fish, some strange vegetable dishes, potatoes and of course rice.

Anyway it was a beautiful weekend and very cool to see some new parts of Guizhou. Check out our pictures to the right!

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