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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Address

So I have had a few requests to give our address for mail, so here it is! We were instructed to have everything sent to Aston instead of to our apartment which insures that someone will always be there to sign for something.

Name (Emily or Carl)
Yiao Shi Zi, Zhong Shan Dong lu 42 hao,
C/O Aston English
Yin zuo shang wu da sha 13 ceng
Guiyang Guizhou 550001

We have had quite some difficulty getting some packages our parents have sent us, and we're hoping this new address works. They used fed-ex which we are basically at this point we will not be using fed ex ever China at least. Other teachers have received packages using USPS which seems to have worked just fine.

Bottom line - we very much appreciate and love physical mail but it may never arrive. That is just what we are finding out about China.

* From what I have seen, it would be best to type of the address on the computer and then tape it onto the package/letter just so there is no confusion with the English-to-Chinese translation!

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