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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Real Housewives of Guiyang

Reading through our blog posts, I realized that they are a little glum. So, for a little joy here is the story of the real housewives of Guiyang.
On our 3rd day here, our manager Tom invited us to a marketing event for the new Aston Kindergarden. So we went to the mall for a dumpling making competition with another English school. When we got there, we met the mothers of the little students from the other school (the top picture) and they were completely decked out in sparkles, fur, heels and jewelry. Then, the competition began. We had little toys that we used for the dumpling making (the orange things on the table). To use them, you get a little piece of dough, fill it with a veggie mixture and the put another piece of dough on top. Then you turn a little crank and the dough is put together to make a dumpling. Carl and I helped our little kids from Aston while the mothers helped their children. To be honest, they wiped the floor with us. Each student was supposed to make 10 dumplings and with our help, the Aston kids made 1 each...they only slightly resembled dumplings with the veggie mixture spewing out of them. The other sides dumplings looked amazing.
At the end of our turn, the mothers look impeccable and we were...a hot mess. Veggie mixture on my clothes, and a look of total bewilderment on our faces. However, we were promised by one of the teachers that she will teach us how to make dumplings. And we may have found our new career as producers of the newest off-shoot of The Real Housewives series! All in all, a great look into the life in Guiyang.
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  1. this is obviously going to become my new guilty pleasure to keep tabs on another set of housewives. oh how i love the drama!

  2. Hilarious! I just bought dumplings there.