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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

Carl and I have always celebrated Valentine's Day in our own personal special way. It's never really been focused around flowers and chocolate. You know, the usual stuff. Then again, I guess we're not really the usual...We just view it as a day to celebrate each other and have a memorable adventure. For example: last year while we were living in Denver we set out to have dinner at The Watercourse - a rockin vegetarian restaurant that had come highly recommended to us by everyone.  Long story short, we didn't get a table and ended up in what looked like a sketchy-looking burger joint on Colfax called the City Grille. In reality, this glorious Denver establishment gave us the BEST BURGERS ON THE PLANET! So as you can see...always an adventure. 

This year, we decided to extend our Valentine's Day into a week of celebrating. We have had some rough days since arriving in China and to be honest, we probably wouldn't have made it this far without one another. And if the Chinese can have a 2 week New Year's festival celebration, we can do what we want!

Our week started off with a wonderful gift. On Monday my mother's awesome care packages arrived full of Reece's peanut butter cups, coffee (yay!) a heating blanket and lots and lots of soup mixes! So that evening, we indulged with a few bowls of Minestrone. On Tuesday, we bought some pizza and a bottle of Hoegarden beer (um...yum). And on Friday we had a fiesta fiesta! 

My mom sent us a tortilla soup mix, as well as some diced green chilies - what better way to start a fiesta? On Friday afternoon we set out to find some cheese (Carl's gift), guacamole fixin's (we only ended up with chips) and margarita ingredients (we settled for cheap tequilla, 25 limes and Miranda Orange soda instead of triple sec...ggleeh). So all in all, maybe not the classiest of fiestas. But hey, it was a bit of home...and were in to us it was perfect :)

We ended our week on Saturday at one of our neighborhood noodle places and the new Russell Crowe Robin Hood film. All in all, a truly wonderful first married Valentines experience. 

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