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Chop suey (Chinese: ; pinyin: suì; literally "assorted pieces")

Much like the popular dish Chop Suey this blog will be a mix of assorted thoughts, stories, pictures and the like from our adventures in China.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our address...again.

So after some different attempts, we have found an address and means of transportation that works! Through some rather frustrating trial and error, we have found that USPS is the best postal service for China and the following address works: 

Name (Emily or Carl Sauey)
Yiao Shi Zi, Zhong Shan Dong lu 42 hao
C/O Aston English
Yin zuo shang wu da sha 13 ceng
Guiyang Guizhou 550001

A small note - we do love physical mail and really appreciate your thoughts being sent all the way over! However, it can be a hassle and we really do love email too! Regardless, we just really love to hear from you. 

* From what I have seen, it would be best to type of the address on the computer and then tape it onto the package/letter just so there is no confusion with the English-to-Chinese translation!


  1. Can you get your address in Chinese as well and then send as an attachment to your friends that want it? With both the English and Chinese underneath in another little paragraph, I've never had a problem sending anything through USPS. The customs form is easiest done on line, but if under 4 lbs., no form except the little green is necessary for packages.

  2. feeling its time for another update my friends... i am getting rather lonely here without you two and with no new blog to read it only seems harder lol :)