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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Public Transportation

Here in China, the public transportation system is great. I mean, with this many people in a "small cities" of 4 million, the bus system had better be something to admire. And it is. From us, its about a 30 minute walk to school, 25 if you hustle which is by no means awful. But on cold early mornings in mid winter, the bus provides so much needed speedy transportation. Here are some of my fondest memories of the bus:

1. Respect

One thing that I really admire about the Chinese is the respect they show their elders. This is seen in such a simple but striking way when riding the bus. As soon as an older person gets on the bus, people immediately jump out of their seats so that the elderly passenger can sit down. This simple gesture has really made an affect on me.

2. Cost

Even though things are significantly less expensive in China, riding the bus is just plain awesome. It is 1 quai(yuan) to ride the entire bus - even if you ride from beginning to end!

3. Saving gas...I think

Guiyang is quite hilly. To remedy this problem the bus drivers simply turn off the engine and coast down the hills. The first time this happened I was quite sure that the bus had broken and that we were going to die. Now it's just like a little roller coaster.

4. Awesome entertainment

My favorite experience on the bus came one morning a few weeks ago. We were riding to school when I hear someone singing. It was a lovely tune that sounded like somewhere between an early 90s love ballad and Celine Dion. I looked around until I found that we were being serenaded by our male bus driver. He was seemingly oblivious to any one else and without a care in the world he sang his song - loud and proud. It was just him, the road and Chinese Dion. What a great morning it was.

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  1. I really enjoy this. Happy memories of riding the tram in Prague. And also, you should throw your hands up in the air and say "wheee" when you go down those hills.